Hello therae :) fell free to follow :3 Wan farah, 15, socially awkward, MALAYSIAN, MUSLIM.


I have a new favourite quote and it sums up the actual reunion perfectly.


Everton Wright - Walking Drawings: Coloured People, 2012

Artist’s statement: "… I wanted to take my studio practice into a public space and onto a larger canvas and so Walking Drawings was born. It also meant I could connect and work more interactively with people. Walking Drawings experiments with a new way of drawing, swapping traditional media such as paint, charcoal and paper with landscapes, digital video pixels and people.” 

“The Walking Drawings allowed those who took part to express their individual stories within the work, which in itself was both surprising and moving to see. The drawings are a conduit for bigger happenings which cannot be controlled or repeated but which are inherently beautiful.”

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